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Custom Animations

How We Work

We create detailed animations depicting accurate and clear installation of your products along with best building practices. All work is done in our Denver office by staff that has extensive experience in construction, architecture and the building world. We have been creating animations since 2008, and every work effort is customized to fit your needs with technically accurate product installation.

Animation Benefits

People find it much easier to grasp how to use a product correctly when provided with a detailed video instead of being given written pages of instructions. Animations also transcend language barriers and help to reduce costly installation mistakes. In an animation we are able to specifically tailor the viewpoint and timing to emphasis the critical moments and special elements to simplify the installation instructions and make it more comprehendible.


Ci strives to complete work in a timely manner and on schedule. A timeline is established at the beginning of the project and updated throughout the process. On average, one animation takes about a month to complete, but we can also have several animations in process at the same time, which can speed up the process.

Steps Days Running Schedule
Initial phone conversation to discuss objectives 1-2 Week 1
Ci creates the storyboard and client approves 3-5 Week 1
First rough draft 5-12 Week 2
Client feedback of first draft 3-5 Week 2
Second rough draft 5-7 Week 3
Client feedback of second draft 3-5 Week 3
Final draft 3-5 Week 4
Client approval of final draft 2-3 Week 4


Final work is delivered electronically in both High Definition (1080p) and low-res (720p) format. Our files are provided in MP4 format which is readily useable on almost any platform and can be easily uploaded to your website, YouTube, displayed at trade shows or used in presentations.


Ci is very cost-competitive. All of our work is done in-house, and we own all our own rendering equipment. Cost of an animation will vary according to: (A) length, and (B) complexity.

The cost to produce a series can be reduced if each of the animations uses shared elements and those elements can be shared across the animations.



While our animations communicate the concepts very well without any sound, voiceover or background music can easily be added.

Other languages

If there are any onscreen notes, we can also create in-language versions – such as French or Spanish – to help meet a diverse audience base.

Marketing Images

We can provide you with high-resolution images taken directly from the animation, and can add callouts to use in your written installation guides and materials.

Let Us Help You

Our animations have been very well received by audiences all across the world. Customers love the easy to follow directions, and say that the animated installation is much easier to follow than standard written instructions.

Please contact us with any questions or to request a customized proposal. We look forward to working with you.

Contact Us

Deirdre Damron | Deirdre@constructioninstruction.com
(303) 544 0273 MST

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