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Amy Pardee


Amy Pardee, Construction Instruction’s Marketing Manager is responsible for the production and management of Ci’s marketing efforts, including our weekly newsletter and social media platforms.  She also plays a role in the logistical coordination for Construction Instruction’s live events and lends a hand in project support for the Ci Team.

Though her experience in the construction industry is less than the rest of the team, Amy is enthusiastic when it comes to learning the tricks of the trade.  She is fascinated by energy efficient and net-zero homes and dreams of one day, building her own.

Amy’s diverse background is focused around customer service; she has ample experience in the restaurant industry as a bar manager and tender; she worked as a project manager, coordinating events for a large, live entertainment company in Denver, and spent two years as a flight attendant with a major airline.

Being a single mom to her beautiful daughter is Amy’s most proud accomplishment, next to being a member of Phi Theta Kappa, a prestigious honor society, at the local community college where she continues to satisfy her passion for learning.  Amy is a certified phlebotomist and volunteers what spare time she has, drawing blood for local health fairs and blood banks.  To gratify her love for the outdoors, Amy loves to hike and explore her beautiful home state of Colorado and anticipates the exciting adventures life has in store for her and her daughter.