DELTA®-Complete Foundation Assembly


DELTA® Complete Foundation animation showing the application of DELTA®-DRAIN, THENE and more.(Voiceover) 4:46

Step 1: The flat tab of DELTA-DRAIN & geotextile face the installer. With the flat tab lined up along the top of waterproofing, roll out DELTA-DRAIN draping it over top of footing. Install DELTA-FASTners in the body at appropriate intervals.

Step 2: Strip back the filter fabric of adjoining layers to allow the membrane to overlap. Place a bead of DELTA-SEALANT on dimpled membrane. Overlap it by 6″ (15cm). Place back the filter fabric and fasten vertically with DELTA-FASTners over full length of the overlap at 12″ (30 cm) o/c.

Step 3: Seal the to pf the DELTA-DRAIN.

Step 4: Cover the perimeter drain pipe with an additional 6-12 inches of rock and enclose with filter fabric.