DELTA®-DRY STUCCO and STONE Animated Install Sequence

Full DELTA®-DRY STUCCO and STONE animation showing the stucco and stone application. (Voiceover) 3:34

Step 1: Cover the entire wall with DELTA-DRY Stucco & Stone wherever wall cladding is to be installed. Always unroll DELTA-DRY Stucco & Stone in a horizontal direction. Make sure the mortar screen (fabric) faces the installer.

Step 2: secure base flashing/weep screen to the base of the wall.

Step 3: Secure a layer of metal lathe to the entire wall.

Step 4: Apply a scratch coat of mortar over the lathe and attached the stone according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Step 5: Use stone cap to terminate manufactured stone.

Step 6: Apply flashing to the top of the wall.

Step 7: Apply final stucco layer over the base layers.

Step 8: DELTA®-DRY STUCCO and STONE promotes air flow behind the stucco.