DELTA Vent SA Application


Commercial waterproofing application and finish (Voiceover) 3:06

Step 1: Apply gypsum sheathing to the wall and secure in place

Step 2: Prime sheathing and 4-6 inches of the top of concrete foundation with DELTA®-ADHESIVE LVC.  OR:  Prime substrate and apply DELTA®-THENE to concrete foundation before overlapping with DELTA®-VENT SA

Step 3: Install DELTA®-FLASHING over the interface of concrete foundation and exterior sheathing.

Step 4: Place the DELTA®-FAS CORNER in each of the window corners and staple or glue in place.

Step 5: Install metal flashing at the base of the wall, and tape along the top of the flashing with DELTA®-MULTI-BAND tape.

Step 6: Apply DELTA®-VENT SA completely and continuously to substrate in a sequential overlapping method, starting at bottom or base of wall and working up.

Step 7: Remove release liner from top half of sheet and press DELTA®-VENT SA firmly into place. Remove release liner from bottom half of sheet and press DELTA®-VENT SA firmly into place.

Step 8: Leave the front release liner in place until the overlapping DELTA®-VENT SA is ready to be sealed. Ensure proper alignment of membrane to avoid wrinkles.

Step 9: Using hand roller, firmly roll all membrane surfaces to ensure appropriate adhesion. Stagger all vertical joints and seal non factory end laps of DELTA®-VENT SA with DELTA®-MULTI BAND tape.

Step 10: Cut the membrane at approximately 45 degrees at corner of window sill and fold flaps inward around bottom sill, jambs, and window head. Cut away excess material. Using hand roller, firmly roll all membrane surfaces

Step 11: Install DELTA®-FLASHING membrane at sill. Ensure a minimum 2” (5 cm) lap onto face of wall.

Step 12: Install DELTA®-MULTI BAND gusset at jamb/sill corner to seal pinhole. Overlap onto face of wall.

Step 13: Install DELTA®-MULTI BAND vertically to seal edge of corner and maintain air barrier continuity and install DELTA®-MULTI BAND diagonally to seal edge of membrane.

Step 14: Caulk the sides and top of the opening and install the window according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 15: Install DELTA®-Flashing tape on the side flanges of window, sealing to DELTA®-VENT SA. Ensure flashing extends minimum 1” (25 mm) above window flange and below sill flashing.

Step 16: Install DELTA®-Flashing tape across header flange of window, sealing to DELTA®-VENT SA. Ensure the head flashing extends beyond the outer edge of jamb flashing and seal with Delta Multi band.

Step 17: It is optional to install furring strips over membrane to create ventilated drainage cavity.

Step 18: On the interior, seal the perimeter gap between the window and the window opening with backer rod and sealant.

Step 19: Secure metal Z girts in place with a thermally broken clips.

Step 20: Place mineral wool between the girts.

Step 21: Secure DELTA®-FASSADE S by fastening into the girts.

Step 22: For maximum air leakage reduction, tape all horizontal and vertical overlaps and all fasteners with DELTA®-FASSADE TAPE.

Step 23: Install additional Z girts in front of Fassade S on which to hang open joint cladding.