DuPont 4 inch Recessed Window Install

0.6 Install a double 2×4 buck inside the window opening

0.9 Attach a sloped piece of sheathing at the bottom of the window to facilitate drainage

0.13 Attach a piece of Tyvek WRB that is 24” wider and taller than the window rough opening

0.16 Fasteners should not be installed within 10” of the edge of the rough opening

0.21 Cut an opening at the perimeter of the rough opening

0.27 Cut two 45 deg. Slits extending 8” up and away from the top corners

0.30 Flip the head up and temporally secure in place

0.33 Fabricate a window corner with 6” FlexWrap by folding a section as shown

1.13 Place the folded piece in each of the bottom corners and adhere, followed by a bead of sealant under the loose triangle

1.21 Use a roller to press the FlexWrap into place

1.37 Cut the Flashing tape the length of the outer sill and fold lengthwise to cover the sill and buck.

1.57 Cut 6” FlexWrap 12” longer than the sill and cover the exposed buck and sill

2.05 Use a J-roller to press it into place

2.12 Caulk along the sides and top of the opening (not the bottom) and install the window

2.22 Cut a piece of Flashing tape that is 2” longer than the length of the outer jamb and fold to create deep creases

2.28 Make a 2”vertical slit to create the corner fold

2.53 Apply sealant to the interfaces to prevent moisture intrusion

3.01 Use a J-roller to press the flashing tape into place

3.09 Cut a piece of Flashing Tape the length of the head rough opening

3.11 Fold lengthwise creating deep creases

3.15 Tear away the middle release paper and adhere exposed butyl to surface above window

3.18 Remove the additional paper backing and press in place

3.26 install FlexWrap NF corners into the upper window rough opening and seal the loose triangle corner with sealant.

3.37 Flip down the upper flap and cut off 1inch so it lays flat across the head flashing

3.47 Continuous tape horizontal seam and both 45 deg. Slits

3.50 Place fasteners along the top of the window through the Tyvek Tape.

3.54 Install sealant (and backer rod) around the window opening at the interior.

4.00 Install WRB , do not install fasteners within 8” of the jambs and 12” below the sill

4.08 Using a scissors, cut away the WRB, do not cut the layer underneath

4.13 Cut 6” horizontal slits at the lower corner of the WRB.

4.18 Bring the bottom portion of the inside WRB through the slits so it laps over the top layer

4.21 Tape seams at bottom, sides and top of rough opening with Tyvek Tape.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]