Quickflash® A/C Panel Install with Brick


Quickflash® Panels, the ultimate solution to weatherproofing plumbing, electrical, gas and HVAC wall penetrations and protrusions 0:30

Step 1: Always refer to house wrap or building paper manufacturers install guidelines.

Step 2: Using the Quickflash® panel as a guide, mark the length of the panel plus 1/4″ on each side 2″ above penetration onto the WRB and using a utility knife, cut a slit along the mark.

Step 3: Slide the Quickflash® panel up underneath the WRB and over the penetration pressing down firmly to ensure a flush seal.

Step 4: Tape on left side.

Step 5: Tape on right side.

Step 6: Tape across the top.

Step 7: Apply brick leaving a minimum of a one inch air gap.

Step 8: IMPORTANT: AC hub must be primed and painted.