Window Drip Cap Installation

Window install with flashing integrated into the siding 1:50

Step 1: Roll Weather Resistive Barrier over the wall and secure in place with cap nails.

Step 2: Cut the WRB at the window opening using a modified “I” cut.

Step 3: Secure WRB tightly to interior of wall.

Step 4: Fold up flap above window and temporarily tape in place.

Step 5: Place sill pan flashing on the sill, ensure coverage up the jamb and also onto the face of the wall.

Step 6: Caulk THREE sides of the window opening, not the bottom, so that water can escape.

Step 7: Install window per manufacturers instructions.

Step 8: Tape the window flange to the WRB using butyl tape.

Step 9: Run two beads of sealant along the back of the metal flashing, and attach it to the top of the window. Flashing should have end dams and extend beyond the width of the window.

Step 10: Use butyl tape to seal the top of the metal flashing.

Step 11: Fold the WRB flap down and tape the edges with acrylic tape.

Step 12: Place the window trim at the top of the window and an additional piece of metal flashing above the trim. Secure in place with acrylic tape.

Step 13: Continue applying the window trim followed by the siding.