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If you are a manufacturer – JOIN US!

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Our users are professionals with a purpose

Our app is an excellent and sound outreach investment. Unlike a magazine ad, the person looking at your material is actively seeking information on your product — not just flicking through the pages. Apps are growing at a very fast rate and time spent looking at apps has already exceeded website viewing.

We would be happy to give a presentation to your team to demonstrate the benefits of joining the app world. Our company is run by building scientists, who are very responsive and really know the building world. Mobile applications are no longer a novelty; they have become integral to a business’ overall branding. A mobile strategy should be part of your firm’s business plan. For a fraction of the cost of a one month magazine ad, your products could be in the Ci app for an entire year. Let us help you leverage the mobile revolution.

Be a part of the mobile revolution, Contact US:

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