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The Ci App

Happy Anniversary! Construction Instruction App is Eight Years Old We’ve come a long way since the first iPhone; do you even remember what that looked like? Finding apps isn’t difficult. Finding educational based apps in the construction industry for building professionals is only a bit more challenging. Finding free educational apps is also possible. Finding

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Radon and Radon Mitigation

What is Radon? Radon is a naturally-occurring, colorless, odorless gas. A product of the decay of uranium, it can be found in soil, water, and air. It accounts for about half of the radiation we receive from natural sources. Radon is not a health problem outdoors. The health concern arises when radon is trapped in

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Inside the Slide: R-Value Changes with Temperature

Inside the Slide: R-Value Changes With Temperature Here is a chart we have referenced in presentations about attic insulation performance. It illustrates a couple of things: the difference between two seemingly similar loose fill attic insulations, and how their R values vary depending on how cold the attic is, and the interior house temperature is a warm 70F. Also it

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