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Happy Anniversary! Construction Instruction App is Eight Years Old We’ve come a long way since the first iPhone; do you even remember what that looked like? Finding apps isn’t difficult. Finding educational based apps in the construction industry for building professionals is only a bit more challenging. Finding free educational apps is also possible. Finding

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Thermal Enclosure: Efficient Walls and Airtightness

The thermal enclosure must effectively separate the indoor environment from the outdoor environment. Thorough separation requires high-performance assemblies that control the movement of heat, air, moisture and vapor, including insulating layers that maintain or improve the assembly’s structural, air-, moisture-, and vapor-control properties. Thermal

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HRV System Best Practices

Achieving reliable ventilation effectiveness in relatively tight homes requires a balanced system. Heat recovery ventilators, HRVs, are the optimal home ventilation system for the Northwest. Energy recovery ventilators, ERVs, are better suited for humid climates and do not perform well in our dry summer conditions. Due to complexity and added operational costs, we also don’t

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Mini-Split Technology in New Construction

Mini split technology offers a new range of efficiency and comfort—benefits that previously required higher cost or added complexity. To help you determine which mini-split system is most appropriate for your efficient-home construction project, this guide presents four system options and their respective benefits and challenges. Mini Split

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Radon and Radon Mitigation

What is Radon? Radon is a naturally-occurring, colorless, odorless gas. A product of the decay of uranium, it can be found in soil, water, and air. It accounts for about half of the radiation we receive from natural sources. Radon is not a health problem outdoors. The health concern arises when radon is trapped in

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Glazing and Cooling

Glazing and Cooling UPVC Triple Glazing Cross Section Windows always provide more than one function: light, air, views. They also affect heating and cooling loads through several heat transfer mechanisms. When choosing windows to reduce cooling loads, the goal is to control conduction and solar heat gain. Conduction is the transfer of heat

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