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Site walks

Identify risks and opportunities for builders from an independent perspective. Builders, site supervisors, appropriate trade contractors and customer service personnel are taken on-site and the CI representative will conduct a guided discovery tour of building science issues on site. The CI representative points out elements the builder is currently using that are recognized as being best building practices along with risks and opportunities relating to:

  •      Water management details
  •      HVAC elements
  •      Air sealing and insulation
  •      Any specific site or market condition issues

Consultations with builders and building supply companies 

  •      What is happening in other markets – technical and market    trend updates
  •      Outlining pending code changes that will impact the builder and trades
  •      Identifying cost effective energy efficiency technologies and techniques
  •      Identifying process improvements
  •      Outlining required elements for green building programs and qualifying for tax credits
  •      Understanding how building changes are synergistic – changes in one area impact other areas
  •      Consulting with site staff, purchasing agents, customer service personnel or trades on the basics of building science – how it can be used to identify     risks, improve quality or reduce costs.


  •      New homes sales reps so that they can help new home buyers make better decisions with respect to energy efficiency and green building options.
  •      Trade contractors to ensure implementation of planned improvements goes smoothly.
  •      Presentations or meetings with local building officials and utilities to outline technology changes and ensure they meet all local regulations.
  •      Presentations / Consultation with architects and engineers to ensure new technologies are integrated into their design process.
  •      local energy raters to create a quality assurance plan and testing protocol for builders.
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