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Ci Live: Innovative, Hands-On Training focusing on Net Zero Enclosures and Mechanical Systems

Join the Construction Instruction Team for a special Net Zero edition of Ci Live.

During this two-day residential building event our focus is on creating durable and comfortable structures that are capable of meeting the future implementation of “Zero Energy” ready or “Zero Energy” capable new and existing buildings. The focus of the workshop is on creating more durable, comfortable, low energy buildings through applied advanced building science. Case studies of previous projects will be shared from the Ci Team’s experiences over years of consulting and testing advanced building technologies. The workshop is intended to help the participants benchmark their current practices and develop a reasonable, cost-effective timeline and decision matrix for the implementation of Zero Energy buildings.

Ci Live aims to elevate awareness and help participants apply and implement strategies relative to their individual business goals through deep engagement in an intimate learning environment with ample time for one-on-one and group questions and interactions.

Session Topics:

  • Advanced Building Science principals with a deep understanding of applied heat, air and moisture flows in building enclosure assemblies
  • Understanding the balance of building durability, comfort and managing energy flows
  • Developing a cost-effective wall system for your climate zone with thermal effectiveness to meet the needs of a zero-energy building
  • Window thermal performance
  • Roof systems, insulation placement and dealing with attic spaces
  • Foundation Systems that warm, dry and reduce pest invasion
  • Indoor air quality, ventilation and air quality systems selection and integration, by climate zone
  • Heating and cooling systems for a tightly sealed, super-insulated low-load building. How systems, duct design and fan capacities maintain space conditioning and a potential need for dehumidification
  • Understanding other building loads that are critical – lights, appliances and miscellaneous electrical loads
  • Renewable energy systems capacities and basic design considerations
  • Ideas and examples of how to sell homes that meet or exceed these criteria

Ci Live is dedicated to meeting current and future needs of the building community. Our seasoned instructors keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry. Join us in the sharing of knowledge and ideas, understanding the “Whys” behind the “Whats” and spend one-on-one time with industry experts, Justin, Gord and Mark.

This two-day session will bring to the forefront an introduction to new methods and ideas, the ability to understand the economics of better-constructed homes, and ultimately help you craft your own plan for success. Our workshops are customized to meet your specific goals and adapted to reflect YOUR climate zone and building codes to ensure it is relevant in your market.

Ci Live will take your current awareness and help you apply and implement strategies relative to your business goals.

What you’ll Accomplish:

  • Align methodology of why Zero Energy performance integrates a more comprehensive understanding of applied building science to create buildings that are more durable, comfortable and efficient to maintain and operate
  • Walk away with a timeline and road-map to meet your future Zero Energy goals
  • Develop a matrix using energy modeling software and load calculation software to optimize enclosure and mechanical decisions
  • Experience and see real examples of building assemblies and applications in our construction laboratory
  • Become more aware of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems that complement the high performance enclosure
  • Understand why a Zero Energy building can help mitigate common customer complaints, resulting from comfort, noise, drafts and high energy bills
  • Apply a return on investment strategy to exceed your customer expectations


Breakfast and Lunch will be provided both days, with a happy hour reception at the end of day 1.

Recommended Lodging with CI’s Group Rate:
Hilton Garden Inn Old Town Scottsdale
7324 East Indian School Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
Phone: 480-481-0400

Hampton Inn Phoenix Airport North
601 North 44th Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85008
Phone: 602-267-0606