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Ci Live: Innovative, Hands-On Training for the Building Community

Ci Live Training Center – Denver, CO: 6850 Argonne Street, Unit 100 Denver CO 80249 - Get Directions

Join Construction Instruction for Ci Live!

Level: Advanced
Who should attend: Anyone Involved in the Residential Building Industry
Prerequisites: Applied Building Science Preferred

During this two-day, hands-on training and development event, various topics are covered to discuss applied building science techniques and tools as they relate to HVAC and mechanical systems.

Session Topics:

  • Overview of Building Science Principles: Flow of Air, Heat, & Moisture, Heat Flow Basics, and Psychometrics
  • Impacts of Better Building Enclosures on Indoor Air Quality & Moisture Control
  • Understanding & Addressing Changing Code Requirements
  • Heating & Cooling Systems Selection and Placement
  • IAQ & Ventilation Systems and Strategies
  • Four Essential Strategies for Controlling IAQ

What you’ll Accomplish:

  • Identify how mechanical ventilation and air quality are related to building science and high-performance homes.
  • Learn about the options, alternatives, and challenges to designing and installing properly sized ventilation systems.
  • Ask questions about high-performance building products, techniques, and strategies that can improve your homes in the most cost-effective ways.
  • Use building science to create a decision path to avoid your most significant risks and find the best opportunities for improved performance.
  • Meet the increasing expectations of homeowners while considering the architecture and lifestyle needs of the modern household.
  • Learn how indoor air pollutants are related to construction materials, techniques, and occupant activities.
  • Introduction to the EPA’s new Indoor airPLUS program and discussion of the opportunity for builders, designers, and trades,

Breakfast and Lunch will be provided each day, with a happy hour reception at the end of day 1.

Here’s what attendees have to say:

“Non-biased, broad approach to building envelope technology and how to implement changes into routine company practices.”

“The training connects the dots between ‘why’ we need to do it this way and ‘how’ you can apply it to your project.”

“A worthwhile training where science and industry come together to produce a quality home. All builders should attend!”

“All of the content was amazing, but the sense of excitement and encouragement to do better and do the right thing is inspiring. I am so excited to learn more and do awesome work.”

Travel and Lodging:
The Ci Live Training Center is located just minutes from Denver International Airport, off of Peña Boulevard and Tower Road. There are dozens of hotels within walking distance of the Training Center, and Ci works with many of them to secure discounted rates for Ci Live Attendees. To receive the Ci discount, all that you need to do is contact one of the following hotels and request the Construction Instruction Rate:­­

Most local hotels offer shuttles to and from their location and the airport. If you have any questions about transportation or lodging, please contact Lindsay Jones at (719) 375-9300 or Lindsay@constructioninstruction.com.

Schedule Overview:

Ci Live Training Doors Open at 8 am Daily.

Training Sessions begin at 8:30 am

Day 1 will wrap up around 4:30 pm, followed by a Happy Hour Q&A session with informal discussions, hands-on product exploration, etc.

Day 2 will wrap up around 3:30 pm, allowing for an evening flight home if necessary.