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This two-day interactive workshop is specifically designed to help those who want a better understanding of the processes, challenges, risks and opportunities associated with residential construction or for those who are new to the construction industry.

During the workshop, participants will be taken through the entire residential building process, from design to the permit process through to closing and post-construction service. Specific attention will be paid to ensuring participants learn the essential challenges builders face in meeting the ever-increasing expectations of building codes and homebuyers.

Topics covered will include:

  • The design process and the role of architects or building designers
  • Understanding the building permit process and the challenges of meeting code changes.
  • How builders work with trade contractors and material suppliers to establish estimates and make choices.
  • Scheduling of the build and the challenges in maintaining it.
  • The basics of building science that affects choices and performance.
  • Explanation of the terminology of the construction industry – identifying building components.
  • How energy efficiency requirements are affecting builders.
  • The finishing steps and the closing process for homebuyers
  • The essential elements of after sales service and warranty obligations.

The workshop will employ the building assembly mock-ups at Ci Live such that participants will have a hands-on experience of a construction site. Information learned at the session will help participants interact more effectively and confidently at all levels of the residential construction industry

Relevance to Attendees:

The workshop will be of most interest to at least the following groups:

  • Employees of manufactures or building supply companies that design, market, sell or distribute products or services intended for use in the residential building industry.
  • New employees of general contractors, their estimators and contract managers.
  • Building program officials who promote energy efficiency or green building.
  • Those looking to become Building Officials or Energy Raters.
  • Designers and architects new to the residential construction industry.

Learning Objectives:

  • Be able to appreciate the challenges of the entire building process for residential builders.
  • A basic understanding of construction terminology, building science and scheduling.
  • The obligations builders have with respect to building codes and warranties.
  • Identify how builders make important decisions on materials, trade contractors and suppliers.
  • Identify how builders assess total costs and what goes into their final decision process.

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