Among the most-respected building science educators in North America, Ci has over 70 years of combined experience. We teach best-practice building methods and a system approach to help you design and build houses that work better and better.

Gorde Cooke

Gord Cooke

Gord has over 25 years experience in the energy efficient residential building industry and a unique talent for applying his technical expertise in building science, HVAC systems, and indoor air quality to current building issues.
Mark Laliberte

Mark LaLiberte

Mark has over 25 years experience and devotes his time educating the building industry on the benefits of constructing durable, energy efficient and healthier homes through lectures, video series and publications.
Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson

Justin works with national and regional builders on new construction of residential and commercial buildings and forensic investigations on building sites all over North America to find solutions to problems in the building processes that affect energy, comfort, and durability.
Matt Baker

Matt Baker

Business Manager
Matt manages Construction Instruction’s day-to-day business operations and is responsible for aspects ranging from client management to oversight of the CI Live training center and its operations.
Frank Zigmond

Frank Zigmond

Director of Digital Media
Frank has been skillfully designing videos and animations for Construction Instruction since 2010. Equipped with a Masters of Architecture and an expert knowledge of the industry’s latest 3D animation and design software, Frank produces the clear and accurate videos that are an essential part of the Ci toolkit.
Travis Allen

Travis Allen

Digital Media Producer
Travis brings experience and expertise to Construction Instruction that is truly one of a kind. He combines his experience framing and remodeling homes with over 20 years producing media and graphics in a diverse array of traditional and digital applications.

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