(American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) Published standards for introducing Outside Air for occupant health and comfort; 62.1 for commercial, 62.2 for residential; now adopted into law as part of most building codes. The residential requirement, “Ventilation and Acceptable Air Quality in Low-Rise Residential Buildings” has been in existence since 2003. The standard describes three primary sets of requirements for acceptable indoor air quality in homes; they are whole house ventilation, local exhaust and pollutant control. The most common elements are the following:
• Whole house mechanical ventilation using the formula ; Ventilation Rate= 7.5cfm ( number of bedrooms + 1) x (0.01 x Conditioned floor area or home)
• Bathroom exhaust specified at low sone, 50 cfm intermittent or 20cfm continuous
• Kithchens vented to the exterior at 100 cfm intermittent or equivalent to 5 air changes per hour if continuous.
• Clothes dryers vented to the outdoors
• Minimum filtration of ducted supply air systems of MERV 6

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