Industry experts Mark LaLiberte, Justin Wilson, and Gord Cooke together represent a deep expert authority in building science. With over 70 years of combined experience, our team presents best building practice methods and a “house as a system” approach which ensures that each part of the house works in harmony with the others.

Ci Live Online Experience

While the Covid-19 pandemic has everyone either staying at home or at least practicing social distancing and avoiding crowded places, Ci is continuing to provide the same immersive, engaging and real world training that the industry has come to know and rely on. We recently launched our Ci Live Online Experience web-based training sessions.

Here is what is coming in the next days and weeks:

Indoor Air Quality & Ventilation Solutions

This Ci Live Online session will cover indoor air quality and ventilation solutions. Join us for this live discussion and demonstration from Construction Instruction’s Ci Live Experience Center as we explore several of the key factors that influence the quality of the air in homes, as well as strategies and options for providing proper ventilation.

Tips & Tricks for Keeping Water Out of Walls

In this live discussion and demonstration from Construction Instruction’s Ci Live Experience Center, we will dig into exterior wall assemblies and how to keep water from getting into these critical assemblies. We will discuss components such as weather barriers, flashing and sealants, as well as compatibility and integration of different systems.

Understanding High Performance Wall Systems


Join Mark LaLiberte, Justin Wilson, and Gord Cooke as they help participants understand the key components of and strategies for successfully building high performance wall systems.


Construction expertise spanning the design, construction, and sales processes.


Helping national builders, manufacturers and lumber yards to solve their building science issues.

Testing & Field Services

Ci offers a wide array of onsite training, inspections and extensive diagnostic laboratory and field testing services.


Strategize, plan and share market information about the current and future state of the construction industry.

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