The Ci team creates detailed animations that demonstrate best installation practices that transcend language barriers and reduce costly mistakes or crafted videos to be more advertising or sales focused showcasing the benefits and features of the product. We work with manufacturers, builders, lumber yards and others in the industry to help address building science issues and communicate best practices through our animations and videos.

Trust the experts to showcase your products

Our staff has extensive experience in construction, architecture, and the residential construction industry. We’ve been creating animations since 2008, and every work effort is customized to fit your needs.

Animation Timeline and Process

On average, one animation takes about two months to complete, following this process:

Project Inquiry

Explore requirements, review documentation, outline animation process.
1 Week


Proposal, work order, deposit.
1-2 Weeks


Project outline, storyboarding, cost estimate.
1-2 Weeks

Client Review

Sign-off on storyboard and cost estimate.
1 Week


Preliminary artwork and proof copy.
2-4 Weeks

Client Review

Acceptance of proof copy.
1 Week

Project delivery

Issuance of final payment and delivery of final production rendering.
1 Week

Additional Animation Features



While our animations communicate the concepts very well without any sound, voiceover or background music can easily be added and Ci offers a variety of options.

Translation Services

Translation Services

Ci can translate any text content, and provide voiceover translation services in any language.

Marketing Images

Marketing Images

We can provide high-resolution images taken directly from the animation and can add callouts that can then be used in your written installation guides and materials.

Multiple benefits to animation videos

People find it much easier to grasp how to use a product correctly when provided with a detailed video, in place of written pages of instructions. Our language-free animations transcend language barriers and help to reduce costly installation mistakes. In animations, we’re able to specifically tailor the viewpoint and timing to emphasize critical moments and special elements to simplify the installation instructions and make it more comprehendible.


Final work is delivered electronically in High Definition (1080p) format. Our files are provided in the format requested by the client (generally MP4) so they are ready to use on almost any platform and can be easily uploaded to your website, YouTube, displayed at trade shows or used in presentations.


Ci is very cost-competitive. All of our work is done in-house, and we own all our own rendering equipment. Pricing of an animation will vary according to length, and complexity, and often can be reduced if each animation in a series uses shared elements.

How will construction animations help your business?

Our animations have been very well received by audiences all across the world. Customers love the easy to follow directions, and say that the animated installation is much easier to follow than standard written instructions. Videos are more likely to be viewed on your website or social media than static images (in fact, 20:1!) and help communicate more effectively with your audience.
Let us bring your product to life.

Some of our past clients include:

CI’s app is truly a wonderful tool for those interested in doing things RIGHT! Easy to follow instructional videos graphically show how to properly flash windows, insulate walls and apply roof underlayments. Hundreds of instruction videos (both animated and narrated live action) and dozens of articles round out this fantastic app. If you are involved in the homebuilding process this is a MUST HAVE!

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