Ci works with builders and product manufacturers to evaluate products and share market insight and opportunities through:

Consultations with builders and building supply companies

Ci consults with onsite staff, purchasing agents, customer service personnel and tradespeople on the basics of building science – how it can be used to identify risks, improve quality, or reduce costs.

Our consultations include identifying:

  • What’s happening in other markets – both technical and market trends
  • Pending code changes that will impact the builder and trades
  • Cost-effective energy efficiency technologies and techniques
  • Potential process improvements
  • Requirements for green building programs and tax credits
  • How building changes are synergistic – changes in one area impact other areas

Ci has worked with numerous product manufacturers, developers, builders, and programs, and can diagnose issues in a building quickly and efficiently, ensuring the best results.

If there’s something on a building that can be measured, we can measure it, explain the results and teach you how to correct issues, if needed.

Site walks

Ci identifies risks and opportunities for builders from an independent perspective through detailed site walks. Ci takes builders, site supervisors, appropriate trade contractors, and customer service personnel on-site to conduct a guided discovery tour of building science issues. Ci points out current best practices of the builder, along with risks and opportunities relating to specific site conditions.

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Huge value in being able to see mockups, and really enjoyed the engaging and personable style of the lectures. Learned a ton about useful products and systems.

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