Step away from typical seminars, conferences, and trade shows to participate in the unique opportunity that is Ci Live. These hands-on training events focus on the application of building science principles so building professionals walk away with leading-edge implementation plans and best practices.

Hosted by four of the most respected building science educators in the industry, Ci Live is dedicated to meeting the needs of the building community.

Join us to understand the “Whys” behind the “Whats” and to spend one-on-one time with industry experts, Gord, Mark, Andy and Justin.

Ci Live sessions can also be customized to meet your specific goals, in the context of your climate zone and building codes to ensure market relevance. Contact us to find out more about customization and private training.

All of the content was amazing, but the sense of excitement and encouragement to do better and do the right thing is inspiring. I am so excited to learn more and do awesome work.

Ci Live: Who should attend?

Ci Live sessions are training events for those in the industry who want to learn both the science and application of advanced building science principles. You’ll learn how to simplify projects, reduce labor costs and defects, improve overall building performance, and sell the value of high-performance to your clients.

Are you interested in developing leading-edge implementation plans, learning building science best practices and gaining a deeper understanding of both why and how to build better homes? Then Ci Live is for you.

What is the Ci Live Experience?

  • Immersive educational sessions
  • Hands-on activities
  • Product exploration
  • Try out the latest tools + techniques
  • Make peer-to-peer connections
  • All in Ci’s state of the art training center