Purpose-built to support the in-depth, hands-on training we offer, our center features a two thousand sq. ft. classroom that provides excellent visibility from every comfortable seat, ensuring all attendees are able to fully engage with our expert trainers and can view the content shown on both 90-inch screens. And, it should come as no surprise that our classroom is fitted with the best in ventilation systems, ensuring fresh, healthy air is always circulating, keeping our groups alert and energized throughout our sessions.

Adjacent to the classroom, the Ci Building Science Lab is where much of the magic happens. The lab features live demonstrations, hands-on activity stations, mock ups of building science best practices like window installations and roof-to-wall intersections, along with ‘how-to’s for many of the most difficult areas you’d want to see demonstrated. The center also offers a number of product comparisons and side-by-side demonstrations.

Our mechanical systems house, framed in our shop under our 24 ft ceilings, includes 2 fully-functioning HVAC systems as well as a working mini-split heat pump which allows us to demonstrate and test proper ventilation and zoning, show real-time measurements, perform live experiments and more!

Even when the Experience Center is not in use for our Ci Live in-person sessions, our team utilizes the lab for filming our Ci Live Online sessions, hosting private trainings as well as in-depth product research and testing, to make sure we are always bringing you the latest and greatest tips and tools, to help you build better.

Check out our upcoming Ci Live training sessions, or get in touch if you’d like to schedule an in-person meeting or tour
of the center.

CI Live increased my overall understanding of building science and will change how I anticipate issues and take small steps to efficiency and fewer callbacks.

Josh Roozeboom Superintendent, Lloyd Companies