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Lightweight, ridge vent that provides an industry-leading 15 square inches of net free vent area per linear foot (15 in²/LF). Our one of a kind double-density edge provides superior strength and rigidity, ensuring its ability to maintain a sleek finished look that makes it virtually invisible. Additionally, Keene VIPER VENT™’s filter is manufactured with extra thick fibers, the UV resistant textile is 40% thicker than the industry standard allowing VIPER VENT™ to provide superior airflow over its lifetime. VIPER VENT™ is manufactured in 5 versions: 20 LF, 20 LF with nails, and 50 LF, 50 LF with nails, and a 4 ft stick. All versions meet the needs of your local building code. VIPER VENT™ offers 15 in2/LF Net Free Ventilation Area (NFVA).

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