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Andrew Oding is Partner at Construction Instruction and Vice President of Building Knowledge Canada. With an extensive background as a builder for 20+ years, Andrew brings a real-life practicality to building science principles and their in-field applications. As a recognized building science trainer by the government of Canada-Office of Energy Efficiency, Building Science Specialist (University of Toronto), and HVAC designer, Andrew is working closely with the development of the new National Building Code of Canada: Standing Committee on Energy Efficiency in Housing and Building, the re-development of ASHRAE 90.2 SSPC Energy efficiency standard for low-rise residential buildings. 90.2 and many advanced building programs (i.e. ENERGY STAR®, Net Zero, LEED for HomesTM, etc.) across North America.
Andrew is :
• ASHRAE 90.2 Residential Energy Efficiency Standard committee member 2016-2019
• Chair of the Canadian Homebuilders Association Technical Research & Code Committee (TRC). 2017-2019
• Chair of the Canadian Homebuilders Association t Zero Housing Council). 2014-2018
• National Building Code Canada Standing Committee Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Homes, committee member 2018-present
• Past-Chair of the CaGBC LEED for Homes Techncial Committee 2008-2011
• Past-Chair of Ontario Home Builders Association Technical Committee
• Past Chair of Canadian Green Building Council LEED for Homes 2007-2011
• Energy Star for New Homes Technical Standing Committee member and past-Chair