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I’ve been a builder for almost 20 years and have been blogging about my passions of Building Science & Fine Craftsmanship since 2008. Here’s my quick story; I was a huge fan of the PBS show “This Old House” growing up in Pittsburgh, PA.

Career & Family

I started learning about construction by working summers at an inner-city ministry that fixed up row houses for elderly people who owned their homes but couldn’t afford to maintain them. I got a BS in Industrial Management from Grove City College and wanted to work for Toyota as I was fascinated with all things from Japan. I ended up working for one of the National Production Builders (NVR Ryan Homes) after college where I met my Texan wife in Washington DC. My 7 years with that mega builder was really fun, but it didn’t satisfy my desire for “Craftsmanship” as I was building insanely fast houses.  I moved to Portland, OR in 2002 and it was the national mold crisis that lead me to the path of Building Science.  I wanted to learn why these houses were failing and learning everything about the science behind construction has been a passion ever since.

My wife and I moved to Austin, TX in 2005 and I finally started my own building company working exclusively with Architects. My small company has grown to 27 people and I’ve become nationally known for my expertise in Building Science for our Hot/Humid climate. My blog started out of a frustration with the void of good building science and best practice methods for the Hot/Humid South, and partly to satisfy my childhood dream of hosting “This Old House”. I’ve written several articles for Fine Homebuilding & The Journal of Light Construction, and my blog is now seen on those websites as well as Custom Home Magazine. I also have a growing following on my YouTube channel and I post 2 new videos per week.

Hire Me

If you are interested in my firm, Risinger&Co. specializes in Architect Driven projects. We’d love to talk to you about your Whole House Remodel, or New Build. We are unique in that we have an in-house Carpentry Staff and we actually own tools & equipment.  We self-perform many of the fine carpentry and architectural steel details on our homes. If you’ve not hired an Architect yet, that’s the first step before you hire us. I’ve got a great list of Austin Architects on my company website that we’ve worked with before. 

If you are interesting in sponsoring my Build Show on YouTube or advertising on this blog please contact me here.  I work with a select group of companies whose products I actually use and believe in.  Thanks for visiting my blog!